MARITECHS offers a number of solutions for the shipbuilding industry as follows:

Optimizing ship hull by parametric modeling method can reduce the fuel consumption by 2-10% depending on the ship type, speed and draft. This is the most modern method being used by the world’s leading classification, ship designers and shipyards. This method helps optimization systematically, evaluates the influence of the parameters on the ship resistance and power and avoid the miss of the optimal case. In addition, this method also reduces the calculating time, making it more convenient to apply to real products with relatively short time requirements.

Currently, there are many devices to improve the energy efficiency of ships are being widely used, among them are some devices related to hydrodynamics such as propeller boss cap fins PBCF, tail lifters. hulls stern foil for high speed vessel… MARITECHS designed these devices using parametric modeling methods combined with CFD calculation. Thereby helping to obtain the optimal solution in the shortest time.

We provide shipyards and ship designers with a TFS toolkit that supports ShipConstructor software in 3D modeling of structures and automatically completing the production drawings. With this toolkit, the time to complete the production drawings can be reduced up to 75%, project speed increased up to 25%.