MARITECHS provides services for the design and shipbuilding industry including:

For each specific project, we will advise customers to choose appropriate service packages.

In the CFD analysis service, we are capable of calculating and analyzing ship resistance in still water, in wave as well as self-propulsion for many types of ship with different modes of motion such as displacement, semi-planing and fully planing. In addition, we have the ability to optimize ship hull as well as eco-devices such as propeller boss cap fin PBCF, hull stern foil for high speed vessel… by the parametric modeling method with numbers up to hundreds of cases.

For the FEA service, we have the ability to analyze strength of structure and equipment by the finite element method that meets the standards of the classification belonging to the IACS. Some typical service packages such as: the ship global strength, the strength of the crane foundation, the strength of the hatch cover…

In the ship design section, we propose a variety of service packages from concept design, initial design to basic design.

MARITECHS divides ship engineering package into 04 categories: hull, pipe, outfitting and electric. With each item, depending on each specific project, it is further divided by region, by system… Besides, we also provide a toolkit to support ShipConstructor software in automatically finishing the production drawings for shipyards and ship design companies.