High-speed trains operating in the semi-displacement region have a rather large bowing phenomenon, leading to a rapid increase in drag during this period. Installing a stern lifter provides additional lift in the stern area to reduce draft and drag. Power consumption when adding a tail lifter can be reduced by 3-15% depending on the size, speed and type of ship. In addition, the tail lifter also reduces the longitudinal sway of the ship when traveling on waves.

Currently, there are two types of tail lifters that are widely used: flat plate and profile.

Flat plate form is often used for small ships. The advantage of this form is simple structure and installation.

The profile form is commonly used for large ships. The advantage of this form is high efficiency. However, it has a complex structure and is difficult to install.

MARITECHS designed the tail lift by parametric modeling method combined with CFD calculation. This method helps to find the optimal solution in the shortest time.